Liberty Level 1: Creating Strong Basics

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About Course

Have you dreamed of working with your horse at liberty? Here at Álfadans we want to give you the tools you need to feel like you and your horse can figure it out together! This video package shows step by step the journey of Sif and Kvistur as we take them from no liberty training to accomplishing the building blocks of liberty work including leading at liberty, treat manners, beginning liberty circles, yielding and drawing the hind and front ends, leg yielding towards and away, bowing, spins as well as two theory lectures on liberty philosophy and equine learning theory! What makes our courses different is instead of showing you the finished product on a horse that already knows the material, we start from the beginning with horses who have never done liberty work before!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Develop a theoretical framework for equine learning and liberty
  • Liberty leading (whoa, go, turning)
  • Liberty circles at walk
  • Bowing
  • Spin (or pirouette)
  • Treat Manners
  • Yielding and Drawing Front and Hind End
  • Leg Yield to and Away

Course Content

Step 1: Theory
These lectures act as the theoretical base for our course. Too often we skip over this section in books or courses in order to get to the "meat" of the course and start doing the on the ground work. But if you spend some time here you will walk out with the tools to go beyond what is taught in this course with the proper framework, outside of following someone else's prescriptive method, you will begin to develop the tools to figure things out together with your equine partner.

  • Liberty Theory
  • Equine Learning Theory
  • Teach a Friend or Family Member a Trick!

Step 2: Building Strong Basics
Now that we have a great theoretical basis let's jump right in! These fundamental cues and behaviors act as the basis for all future liberty work. All time spent here is rewarded ten fold down the road in a better relationship and better results.

Step 3: Putting it Together
Let's take some of these building blocks and put them together in new ways! This is where things start to get really fun with spins, liberty circles, leg yielding and bowing.

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