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Bootcamp VIP Experience


First, we want you to know that by purchasing the $37 ticket to the Horse Training Bootcamp, you are already getting everything you need.


There are no extra hidden how-tos or bonus content reserved only for those who upgrade to VIP.


Our big promise inside the $37 bootcamp is to help you have your horse listen to YOU, with way less stress… and that is exactly what you will get if you show up to this bootcamp. 


In fact, that’s just the minimum promise… our team prides itself on overserving and overdelivering! 

Why Upgrade to VIP?

Here are a few reasons why we (and students around the world) are obsessed with Being VIP

Reason #1

More Opportunity to Specialized Access to Juli Baranik.

The VIP upgrade is for those who are needing more access to Juli’s specialized coaching, a chance to get to speak to her personally, in a hotseat coaching session, and to ask their very specific questions. 


The cost of the upgrade is only a very small percentage of the cost of what she would normally charge for just one hour of 1:1 coaching outside of the bootcamp. The VIP upgrade is a massive value!

Reason #2

Motivation to Get it DONE

The VIP upgrade is for those who are looking for full immersion into this experience. 


Within the VIP mastermind sessions, you are bringing your burning questions about your blueprint or your training, and we are going over them and giving you live feedback while we’re on the call.

Reason #3

Access to Professionals Who are Further Ahead

Those who tend to take the VIP upgrade do so because they already know that to get ahead in training, it requires making investments like this VIP upgrade.


Because of this investment, the group then becomes much more serious about getting results, and more of those priceless tips are naturally being shared amongst the group during the live calls. 


Within the VIP group, if you are coming to the live calls and are fully participating, we find that people have been making incredible connections interested in working together to propel each other ahead. 


Being able to organically connect you to other smart, savvy horse lovers… we have created an environment inside the VIP group that fosters a quicker social connection, something very difficult to discover outside of this environment.

Love Being VIP “Double Your Money Back” Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you will love this program. If after finishing the VIP program, you aren’t able to teach a single cue, I will happily DOUBLE your money back (or $194). All you have to do is email my support team proving that it didn’t work for you to get a full refund.  That’s how much I believe the program will work for you. Sound fair?