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If you’re like most horse lovers…

You have so much you want to learn and do, but you're struggling with where to begin.

You may have tried to read books, watch some videos, or asking online. You may have even seen a little progress.


But there’s one huge, looming problem…

What do I do next???


You know what I’m talking, about right?

This is a situation that just about EVERY horse lover has faced. You may have even felt totally frustrated or overwhelmed trying to train your horse, not getting the results you envisioned… and feeling like you’re stumbling along the whole way.


It’s enough to make you want to give up.


But hold up – it doesn’t have to be that way…

Instead of waiting until you and your horse just “figure it out” or give up entirely in the process, imagine if you were able to follow simple steps with video instruction that walks you through liberty training. Would that interest you?


Here’s your answer: We have a proven step-by-step plan that is easy to follow, gives you all the pieces you need, breaks down the techniques, and spells out the order to build upon each trick.

And I can’t wait to tell you all about it…


Plus Bridleless Liberty Riding

The Surefire Way to Train Your Horse in Liberty*

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3 Reasons to go with Horseplay & Harmony

Reason #1: Know EXACTLY What To Do

You get crystal clear on what needs to happen and when (that’s gold!) with the proven Horseplay & Harmony Fundamentals system.

Reason #2: Stress Free & Force Free

Horseplay and Harmony fully believes in stress-free, force-free training methods. We use positive reinforcement and behavioral shaping techniques to communicate and strengthen the bond with our horses.

Reason #3: Easy Building Blocks

These fundamental begin with steps that give you results right away, and allow you to build on what you have learned with your horse, onto more complicated tricks and exercises.

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

Wonderful course!!

"I’m so happy to find Caylyn Walker. I’m a self taught trick trainer. I taught my Friesian, Magnum, many tricks years ago and am now working with my new Pinto, Zorro. I’m appreciating learning more efficient methods and look forward to learning how to teach many new tricks!! Wonderful course!!"

Learn how to begin liberty training with your horse

PART 1: The Fundamentals

The course covers the what you need to get started

This course lays the groundwork to ensure the success of both you and your horse. It is the foundation for our more advanced courses which will include a large variety of tricks including the rear, bow, wave, spanish walk, liberty work, say ‘yes’, say ‘no’, pedestal work, retrieving objects, play dead and so much more!

In part 1 of this course...

And so much more...

Learn how to teach your horse tricks

PART 2: The Fundamentals

The course covers fun tricks to see results right away

In this module, we are going to introduce some really fun horseplay tricks. We will go through both the basic hug and the more advanced hug in the first lecture. From there you will learn about the Stages of Learning a horse goes through while learning tricks and then be able to practice these stages while teaching your horse the Smile.

We will cover everything from why we use treats, discuss clicker training, which treats should you use, common problems with treat feeding, and the techniques to use to ensure your horse stays well mannered while treat feeding! We will wrap up this horseplay course by teaching your horse how to move off basic pressure including how to move the shoulder, hindquarters, and ribcage of your horse independently. These techniques will become very important for Module 3!

And so much more...

Learn more advanced liberty training with your horse

PART 3: The Fundamentals

The course covers more complex tricks

In this course, we will build upon the Horseplay concepts learned in the first two parts to introduce more advanced tricks.

And so much more...

Learn more advanced horse tricks

PART 1: The Cornerstone

We have so much packed into this course we can’t wait for you to see it!

In this module, we will start off by discussing horse personalities and how they interact with the different types of tricks we can teach our horses. From there we will dive right into teaching some ‘foundation’ tricks such as saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and will also teach your horse how to give a kiss. We will continue on to learn about targeting and then advance the back to object trick learned in the Fundamentals course to an actual sit-down!

As you move into the further modules of this course series we will dive into everything you need to know about pedestals, pedestal work, and platforms and then move onto lunging with a natural progression to liberty lunging. We will wrap this course series up with bowing in an easy to understand 4 step method!

As with all of our courses we provide videos and pictures of each trick as well as printable step-by-step instructions for each trick and a printable workbook for the course!

And so much more...

Learn how to ride bridleless

Bridleless Liberty Riding

Take your trust and relationship to a whole new level

In this course, you will be introduced to bridleless riding in a step-by-step manner that is easy to follow. We will start off by discussing ways to make sure both you are your horse are safe. From there we teach you to transition from reins to a neck rope, teaching your horse to be in tune with your every move.

And so much more...

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Troubleshooting tips and videos for common problems we hear about:

Build A Lasting Bond

"I had such a wonderful time with the Horseplay and Harmony! Caylyn is patient, informative and creative with her teaching. The tricks are lots of fun both for the people and the horses and helped give Milo, the spunky miniature horse, a productive outlet for his mischief! I would highly recommend Caylyn for helping to build a lasting bond with your horse."

Kelli Ann Sharun

We are so confident that you’ll love this course that we offer a happiness guarantee. If you aren’t 100% happy, we will fully refund you. There’s literally no risk involved, because you’re backed by our money back happiness guarantee! Buy it, try it, apply it. You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

Who is Instructor Caylyn Walker?

Caylyn Walker has been an active equine enthusiast and animal-lover since her toddler days. She began riding lessons at a young age and then continued into a competitive riding career where she achieved multiple regional and national titles in various disciplines. In 2012 she also earned two World Championship titles in Morgan Dressage on her beloved Morgan gelding “Riley”.

Caylyn’s love of trick training started when her first horse was injured and no longer able to work under saddle. She found alternative ways to keep her horse mentally active while continuing to build the partnership they had created. From horses, Caylyn expanded her horizon to trick training goats, chickens and even Zebu cows while she worked at a petting zoo during her high school years. While in school, she completed a Bachelor of Science with a particular focus on animal behavior and psychology. She continued to develop her methodologies in working with animals experimenting with body language and behavioral shaping through positive reinforcement methods. After completing her degree, she moved into a career as a Safety Manager where she developed her teaching and communication techniques to groups of people across Canada.

Currently, Caylyn works full time on her farm in Jasper, ON breeding and training foundation Morgan horses. She offers clinics across Canada and does performances with her trick horses in Ontario. Caylyn has authored three books: Horseplay and Harmony Safe and Responsible Trick Horse Training, Foals With Goals and Liberty Work and Trick Training With Young Horses.

Though she loves working with all horses Caylyn is passionate about working with foals and young horses at an early age. Giving them a sense of confidence using positive reinforcement techniques sets them up for a lifetime of success! Caylyn continues to offer trick horse training lessons, clinics and demonstrations and even offers trick trained horses for sale occasionally! She can be contacted through their website www.horseplayandharmony.com

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