Did you ever wonder why you keep falling into the same bad habits when you’re riding?

Discover how your body posture, stability and aids impact your horse and how to increase awareness to improve them overall

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If you’ve been trying to improve your riding

You may hear this in your sleep...

“More leg.”

“Outside rein.”

“Head up.”

“Hands up.”

“Sit deep.”

“Sit up.”

“Sit back.”

“Heels down.”


Sound familiar? Every single one of these riding behaviors is a symptom or a result of mechanical riding. I can’t tell you how many times decades ago I heard this in my own learning and to this day hear these comments still being taught. 


And did it help? No. Yet the same phrases are repeated continuously with very little meaning to the student desperate to make changes but seemingly unable to.

Trying to “fix” these unwanted “issues” if you are unaware of your body, physical triggers, the trickle-down effect, and mannerisms in which you compensate is near impossible.


Discover how you sit, stand, or walk when not around your horse affect the quality and stability of your ride.  And how can increase your stability and effectiveness in your aids and communication with the horse.



How to get your mind, body, and horse in alignment

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3 Reasons to go with Mechanical vs. Mental Engagement

Reason #1: EVERYONE struggles with these issues

The issues addressed by Sam are ones that EVERY equestrian has struggled with at one point or another and has tried to fix through the wrong methods unknowingly.

Reason #2: No one else really talks about them

You won't find this anywhere else, and Sam will break them down in a way that is easy to follow and captures your attention.

Reason #3: Get the straight forward answers you crave

Sam will help you understand the root cause of if the issues you are struggling with everyday. You will have countless "Lightbulb" moments where it all just makes sense.

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

Discover The Answers To Your Burning Questions

Wonderful Course

"I have worked with a lot of trainers but once I audited one of Samantha’s classes I was hooked. It was and continues to be the best training for me and my horse. So blessed to have found her."

Theresa from California, USA


Q & A by Alternative Horsemanship

Equine Behavior, Rider Mind-Set, Horse Communication & More!

Discover the answers to frequently asked questions regarding horse communication, equine behavior, mind-set of the human, and much more, such as...

"How can I tell if my horse is interested in seeing me?"
"How do I create curiosity in my horse?"

Get to know Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach as she shares her background and how she developed her training philosophy and approaches.

Very Rewarding

“Samantha Harvey has helped me with my horses for many years. She has given me the ability to relate to them in a new way that has let me slow down and take the time to address the underlying holes in their training. It has been very rewarding and I can see new interest and partnership with all of my horses. I look forward to working with my horses and seeing what we can accomplish!”

Laura from Arizona, USA

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If you don't absolutely love it,
we'll give you your money back AND you get to keep the course!
So what are you waiting for?

Who is Instructor Samantha Harvey?

Sam developed her Alternative Horsemanship training approach over the past three decades of working within various facets of the equine industry. She starts colts, rehabilitates "difficult" horses, and finishes horses for both the show arena and pleasure riding. She works with both competitive and pleasure riders of all levels and backgrounds, horses of a variety of breeds, ages, and disciplines at both a local and national level throughout the USA.

She has lectured, presented, and offered demos at equine symposiums and expos. Sam has taught horsemanship and equine behavior to pre-veterinary students. She has been a featured speaker on nationally syndicated radio programs. Samantha Harvey regularly posts to her award-winning blog, which has been recognized as a top 75 blog in the equestrian community worldwide. She is also a regular contributor to equine publications and has contributed to several published horsemanship books. Samantha Harvey offers Horsemanship and a variety of other discipline-specific clinics worldwide and spends time working abroad with horses in South America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and most recently in Asia.

Her innovative teaching style shared in her Remote Horse Coaching programs, empower students to evolve into confident, pro-active horse enthusiasts. Equestrian students learn how to interpret horse behavior and improve communication with their horses. She teaches students practical and realistic skillsets to recognize and evolve their mental approach, notice their patterns and habits that are limiting them from achieving their full potential. She helps riding students set, implement, and achieve realistic goals while building an empowering equine partnership.

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