What is your horse trying to tell you?

You and your horse are rockstars! You have mastered the basics, breezed through more intermediate skills, and are well on your way to horse whisperer. You love to shape behavior, discover advanced tricks, and even start a new horse with the courses we have for you. These courses will expand your knowledge and help you master your liberty training. You can keep on progressing through these lessons to grow your connection and bond with your horse.

You may have thought to yourself...

"How do I accomplish a deeper level of connection?
"How do I incorporate advanced liberty techniques into my groundwork?"

"How do I ride with just a neckrope?
"How do I balance motivation and overarousal with food rewards?"
"How do I advance my riding through liberty work?"

Lucky for you, we have the perfect thing to 
get you to the next level!


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