What is your horse trying to tell you

Fantastic! Your horse is saying that the two of you have a great relationship, and are continuing to grow in your skills. You dream of reaching a deeper level of connection, stronger horsemanship, and problem solving abilities. You have the basics down, but are looking for some solid guidance on more advanced liberty training and tricks to show off your horse and have fun together.

You may have thought to yourself...

"How do I accomplish a deeper level of connection?
"How do I incorporate liberty into my groundwork?"
"How do I balance motivation and overarousal with food rewards?"
"How do I give my horse a choice in the training?"
"How do I improve my riding through liberty work?"

Lucky for you, we have the perfect thing to get you to the next level!


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"My horse says we have a great relationship and have fun together! Find out what your horse is telling you in this quiz at http://horselibertytraining.com/quiz"

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