What if there was an easier way to train your horse to listen to YOU without Traveling to expensive trainers and sinking tons of time?

Horse Training


For the horse lover looking for a jump start training their horse with less stress.

Can I be real with you?

Training your horse through social media comments and random YouTube videos has got to go.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

You pour your heart and soul into your horse following advice based on what people comment, wondering how they make it look so easy. You watch a few videos, have even read articles and books, but nothing seems to click.


Your feel like you and your horse are just getting more confused.


And is it even worth it?

Spoiler alert: It's Not.

It's Time To Kiss The

Confusion goodbye

Because honestly, there’s a much better way to train your horse. 
You know, one that doesn’t require you to…

Cross your fingers and HOPE that your horse understands what you trying to teach him.

Switch directions constantly trying the latest advice you’ve stumbled upon that might help.

Drain your bank account trying to pay for courses, books, memberships that you’re not even sure will work for you.

Burn yourself out dealing with the constant swirl and confusion, when you just want a better connection.

The fact of the matter is, you’re too busy to be riding this merry go ‘round.

If you’re ready to get serious about training your horse to listen to you every time, then you have to break the cycle and find a strategy that actually works for you.


One that shows you EXACTLY what to do, when to do it, and how to help your horse understand what you are telling him.


Good thing, I’ve got what you’re looking for!

Hey there!

I’m Juli Baranik.

I’m the founder of Horse Liberty Training, and I’m here to help you move out of the “hope and pray” training model and into predictable training mode.

But first… let’s address the elephant in the room.


The horse training space is changing – and you’re feeling pretty damn exhausted trying to connect with your horse just to have him ignore you or worse yet…


I hear you.  I reached my own “Screw This” moment with the random videos, tips, and memberships a few years back, and since then alongside my team, I’ve been working on developing a tried and true training model that not only works time and time again…


…but has helped students gain the connection they’ve been dreaming of with their horses.


It’s called Horse Training Bootcamp – and has been working like CRAZY for us and for our students all around the world.

Here are a few reasons why we (and students around the world) are obsessed with it…

Reason #1

Know EXACTLY What To Do

You get crystal clear on what needs to happen and when (that’s gold!) with the proven Horse Training Bootcamp system and support from our trainers and community.

Reason #2

Stress Free & Force Free

We fully believe in stress-free, force-free training methods. We use positive reinforcement and behavioral shaping techniques to communicate and strengthen the bond with our horses.

Reason #3

Easy Building Blocks

These fundamental begin with steps that give you results right away, and allow you to build on what you have learned with your horse, onto more complicated tricks and exercises.

And the best part is, I’m going to show you exactly how to implement it in my easy-to-watch, 5-part bootcamp!

Horse Training Bootcamp

A five-part program for horse lovers who are ready to learn what’s working NOW to train horse training, so you can have your horse Listen To You, with way less stress.

Do you ever wish that someone would just tell you exactly what’s worked for them to train their horse (without you having to spend six weeks in a program trying to figure it all out)?

That’s exactly what I’ve created in this crash course.  In just 5 steps, we’re going to be handing over our horse training bootcamp framework so you can train your horse with ease.  


No theory. No fluff. Just actual insights that professional horse trainers use very day and my students who have used this same strategy to train their very own horses.


If you’re someone who is sick of playing the chase the social media game and are finally ready to see results with YOUR HORSE… this is for you.

Here's what you get when you sign up today

The Horse Training Bootcamp is a 5-part crash course that gives you the information you need to begin training your horse to listen to you without any ropes or force.

Part 1: Create

How to create your training space.

We’ll kick off the course by showing you how to design your training space to eliminate distractions and maximize your horse’s ability to focus on YOU.


During this class, you’ll work to identify the changes needed in your training area and discover how to optimize your space to increase your horse’s attention span.

Part 2: Attention

How to get your horse’s attention.

In this course you’ll learn the subtle body movements your horse makes when he IS and is NOT paying attention to you.  This is incredibly important, so that you know what to be looking for as you work to get his attention.


You’ll learn practical steps to gain your horse’s attention, establish your personal space, and get your horse focused on YOU.

Part 3: Cue

How to teach your first cue.

You’ll then learn how to teach your horse specific cues so you can clearly communicate with each other… it’s almost like your own secret language with your horse, and SO COOL to experience!


Not only will your horse be responding to your body language and energy, but you will be able to teach him complex movements with the simplest of cues!

Food Manners

Part 4: Reward

How to reward and repeat the action.

Once you get the desired action from your horse, we will show you the best way to reward your horse and how to take the action from a lucky guess, to confident communication with repetition.

Part 5: Success

How to set up your training for success and deep connection

We will then show you exactly how to build on what you have learned to train your horse in a series of tricks and fun games together, completely at liberty, with no force involved.


This training will take your relationship from your horse just tolerating you, to fully connected and an eager learner.

Begin Your Horse Training Today

Horse Training


A 5-part crash course for the horse lover who is ready to learn how to train their horse, so you can have a closer connection, with way less stress.

And I’m throwing in these powerful bonus shortcuts, too!

I want to be sure you build your confidence in your training as soon as possible, which is why I’m handing over these supercharged shortcuts to make it even easier.

Bonus 1 ($297 Value)

Exclusive Facebook Community

How many times have you bought a program only to find out you’ll have to figure it all out on your own?


If you’re like most people, then probably a lot!


Because the biggest value on our team is “no question left unanswered”, when you join today you’ll also get access to our ultra exclusive Facebook group EXCLUSIVE to clients who invest in The Horse Training Bootcamp.


You’ll get instant access when you join right now.

Bonus 2 ($197 Value)

3 Minute Assessment

“What is your horse trying to tell you?”

Wondering how you can improve your connection with your horse?

Who better to ask than your horse!


No, we’re not kidding… 😁


Have a “chat” with your horse, and find out how far you’ve progressed and what areas you should work on next.

Bonus 3 ($197 Value)

Ask The Experts Interview featuring Krystal Kelly

Get an exclusive interview with internationally renowned FEI Level II Coach, Krystal Kelly, as we talk about how to strengthen connection, managing our emotions when riding, the biggest misconceptions in liberty training, the best way to keep up your motivation, and complete game changers in our equestrian journey.


You will not find this interview anywhere else… Get your exclusive access today!

Ready to kiss the confusion goodbye and learn how you can train your horse to listen to you time and time again

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside:

Total Value: $3176

Normally: $297

Yours Today For Just $37

That’s 99% OFF! You Save $3139.

* Full Transparency: I personally host the 1:1 training sessions and my time is limited.  As demand grows, I do plan on raising the price in the near future.  Take action now to secure your copy for the lowest price possible.

And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself, here’s my…

Train and Love It “Double Your Money Back” Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you will love this program.


If after finishing the program you complete the training with your horse within 180 days, you aren’t able to teach a single cue, I will happily DOUBLE your money back (or $74).


All you have to do is email my support team proving that it didn’t work for you to get a full refund.  That’s how much I believe the program will work for you.


Sound fair?

What our members are saying

“I have seen a TREMENDOUS change in my relationship with my horse everyday.  We feel much more in sync, and now he WANTS to be with me.  To the community, thank you ALL for all the insights, discussion and information that you guys have been sharing and contributing to our growth!!”


~ Liana, United States

“I’m grateful to be here in the Horse Training Bootcamp and capturing the momentum of this group as I work relentlessly on becoming one with my horse. Let’s grow together!”

~ Larissa, United States

“Being a part of the Horse Training Bootcamp means that I am absolutely committed, all-in, for liberty training for both me and my horse. It means I have a peer group that has high expectations of me and I of them and we support each other. It means the opportunity of a lifetime and a total blessing.”

~ Janine, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is a perfect fit for you if you are a horse lover who has access to a horse, but is not sure where to begin with training him or her.  If you have struggled with clear steps to take, and how to communicate with your horse without force, this is for you!


On the other hand, if you’re a professional horse trainer looking to scale your training program, this is NOT a right fit.  We suggest you check out our Instructor Program instead.

Because this is a crash course, I have made it easy to complete.  In fact, it will only take 1 hour for each of 5 days to finish the lessons. 


I made it this way as I believe the best way to get the rest of the answers and support you will need will be from either my coaches or my other students inside the private Facebook group.


If you would like to go even faster and you’re a good fit for it, we can discuss coming on as a private client inside my 3-month accelerator program.

You do not need any previous experience to trick train your horse with our step-by-step plan. 


We provide all of the training that you will need to train your horse at liberty!

You don’t need any specific equipment to begin trick training your horse.  Simply, a willing attitude to learn, and our easy to follow training plan.  Begin your journey today and we will provide very simple to follow step-by-step lessons, mentorship, and all the tools that you need!

​​All of our training is online for you to do at your convenience directly with your horse.  We also provide one-on-one mentorship with a live success coach so you have all the help and support that you need throughout your liberty training.

Yes! I 100% guarantee that you will love this program.


If after finishing the program you complete the training with your horse within 180 days, you aren’t able to teach a single cue, I will happily DOUBLE your money back (or $74).


All you have to do is email my support team proving that it didn’t work for you to get a full refund.  That’s how much I believe the program will work for you.

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