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What you will build with your horse


Building a bond with your horse means the start of a new and exciting relationship. Like any relationship, it requires time and effort, but will pay off tremendously in the partnership you will receive. There are many ways to build a strong bond with your horse and our courses and mentorship will continually build and strengthen your bond.


Connecting is similar to bonding in that is involves a deepening of our relationship with our horse. The difference is that now we are asking our horses to perform certain movements in response to our body language. A well connected horse will mirror what you are doing. For example if you start walking the horse will follow. If you stop the horse will stop. This connection is what allows us to perform complex maneuvers with a horses using only our body language and vocal cues.


Liberty work helps build trust in our horses and so it is great for timid or fearful horses. As the horse bonds and connects with us he will begin to see us as a leader that he can trust to take care of him. Our courses and mentorship will also build YOUR confidence and help overcome fear issues. It helps the rider to understanding the way a horse thinks and why he behaves in certain ways – which ultimately builds confidence.


Liberty work also establishes respect in our horses. Pushy, rude horses will learn to have boundaries and by developing a connection with them they will learn to follow direction. Interestingly many horses are rude or pushy because they don’t trust their human handler. By developing trust through connection and establishing ourselves as a confident leader oftentimes negative behavior will go away.

What you wiLl learn with your horse



Self Haltering


Clicker Training

Food Manners

Moving Off Pressure

Backing Up

Sit Down

Lay Down


Touch The Target

Liberty Lunging


Two Legged Bow

One Knee Bow

What our members are saying

“I have seen a TREMENDOUS change in my relationship with my horse everyday.  We feel much more in sync, and now he WANTS to be with me.  To the community, thank you ALL for all the insights, discussion and information that you guys have been sharing and contributing to our growth!!”


~ Liana, United States

“I’m grateful to be here in the Liberty Inner Circle and capturing the momentum of this group as I work relentlessly on becoming one with my horse. Let’s grow together!”


~ Larissa, United States

“Being a part of the Liberty Inner Circle means that I am absolutely committed, all-in, for liberty training for both me and my horse. It means I have a peer group that has high expectations of me and I of them and we support each other. It means the opportunity of a lifetime and a total blessing.”


~ Janine, Canada

Success Takes Consistency

You can’t go to the gym once and expect to have six pack abs. You can’t study a language once and speak it fluently…


The same applies for success in any area of life.


Picture what your life looks like 1 month, 6 months, 1 year from now if you commit to being trained on a consistent basis by world class trainers, using our systematic approaches to creating success in your liberty training… What does that level of bonding and connection look like? What does it feel like?


Liberty Inner Circle gives you the CONSISTENT training & accountability to get to your next level. You’ll master the same proven strategies created by World Champion Trainers, and lead a fulfilling relationship with massive purpose, passion, abundance and happiness…

Juli is offering to personally mentor you

inside of our brand new Liberty Inner Circle where you’ll have access to:


Experience virtual trainings inside an exclusive private Facebook group to give you the tools and strategies you need to keep moving forward and building massive momentum on your path toward creating the relationship with your horse that you’ve always wanted.

You will also have access to a live chat with Juli Baranik, founder of, to answer any questions you have, help you if you get stuck, overcome those challenges, and provide clarity on what to do next.


She will be checking in weekly with you where we go over what went well last week AND what we need to optimize for next.


So you’ll feel fully confident that you are doing the right steps, in the right order, at the right time, having fun and enjoying a closer bond with your horse all along the way. Juli will share key insights on the very best strategies and tools in horse training, to not just survive, but to thrive in liberty.


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And With This Membership, You Get An ALL ACCESS PASS To Over 50 Hours Of Premium, Game-Changing Training Content, PLUS Digital Workbooks To Help You Plan, Implement, And Make Meaningful Progress.

Pro Tip #1 – Pedestal Training Tip
Pro Tip #2 – Overcoming Food Pushiness
Pro Tip #3 – Hand Feeding Tip
Pro Tip #4 – Working on the Sit Up
Pro Tip #5 – Target Mats
Pro Tip #6 – The Hug
Pro Tip #7 – Trailer Loading
Pro Tip #8 – Waving Tip
Pro Tip #9 – Liberty Work

Gain The Ultimate Connection


Featuring Two Time World Champion & Instructor Caylyn Walker

Master Every Single Area of Your Training Building A Solid Foundation And Continuing Through Advanced Tricks With Some Of The Best Courses Ever Created

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3 Reasons to go with Horseplay & Harmony

Reason #1: Know EXACTLY What To Do

You get crystal clear on what needs to happen and when (that’s gold!) with the proven Horseplay & Harmony Fundamentals system and one-on-one mentorship with our founder.

Reason #2: Stress Free & Force Free

Horseplay and Harmony fully believes in stress-free, force-free training methods. We use positive reinforcement and behavioral shaping techniques to communicate and strengthen the bond with our horses.

Reason #3: Easy Building Blocks

These courses begin with steps that give you results right away, and allow you to build on what you have learned with your horse, onto more complicated tricks and exercises.


Frequently Asked Questions

Liberty Training builds a trust and connection with your horse so that he or she WANTS to listen to you.

Liberty Training allows you to communicate using stress free and force free methods. It is incredibly powerful to experience and will take you on a journey that will improve your riding and relationship like no other.

Trick training is a ridiculously fun way to build your relationship with your horse while engaging your horse’s mind and body.

It involves training your horse to play, to do specific actions and tricks on cue, and reward your horse as he or she learns and tries.

Teaching your horse some simple tricks can bring so many benefits to both of you.

❤️ challenge your horse’s mind and make him use his brain
❤️ build a fun and positive connection between you and your horse
❤️ build confidence in your horse
❤️ connect with your horse and learn to communicate from the ground through body language
❤️ learn positive reinforcement
❤️ HAVE FUN and relax together because Horses are so much more than riding
❤️ teach your horse to understand exactly what you’re asking him to do

If you build a bond with your horse through trust and communication, they will do just about anything for you.

We provide easy to follow step-by-step lessons for you to teach your horse these tricks and so much more:

🥕 The Hug
🥕 Smile
🥕 Clicker Training
🥕 Good Food Manners
🥕 Backing Up
🥕 Sitting
🥕 Laydown
🥕 Kiss
🥕 Yes/No
🥕 Nose to target
🥕 Advanced sit down
🥕 Stand and turning on a pedestal
🥕 Move off pressure
🥕 Lunging your horse with out lunge line
🥕 Two legged bow
🥕 One Knee Bow

You do not need any previous experience to trick train your horse with our step-by-step plan. 

We provide all of the training that you will need to trick train your horse at liberty!

You don’t need any specific equipment to begin trick training your horse.  Simply, a willing attitude to learn, and our easy to follow training plan.  Begin your trick training journey today and we will provide very simple to follow step-by-step lessons, mentorship, and all the tools that you need!

All of our training is online for you to do at your convenience directly with your horse.  We also provide one-on-one mentorship with a live success coach so you have all the help and support that you need throughout your liberty training.

Absolutely!  We take great pride in our happy customers and can’t wait to hear YOUR success story!  Check out our hall of fame for testimonials and videos that our customers love to share.

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