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We love seeing our students from around the world showing off the skills they learned in our courses with our talented instructors.

Here are just a few of their videos and stories...

We love hearing your stories!

Cassandra, California, USA

“I have been riding and owning horses since I was 7 yrs old starting in 1976. I did most of the horse training myself learning via books and at various clinic lessons. Until I had some traumatic horse accidents these past five years I realized,

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Laurie, Arizona, USA

“I am loving the program and following the steps. Better, my horses are loving it. The FB page and messenger are great ways to feel like you are with friends as you do this. Juli is amazing! The course is great and this Facebook page

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Laura, Arizona, USA

“Samantha Harvey has helped me with my horses for many years. She has given me the ability to relate to them in a new way that has let me slow down and take the time to address the underlying holes in their training. It has

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Lauren, Colorado

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have taught me… I have learned so much about my horse, myself as a rider, and horsemanship in general from working with you.  I know my horse and I still have a long way to go in

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Chantelle, United Kingdom

“I completed one of Sam’s Equine Behavior Courses in June and was really impressed with the presentation, which was easy to understand and immensely enjoyable. She is very thought-provoking and it has lead me to consider the conversation my horse has to off and listen for

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Kelli Ann

I had such a wonderful time with the Horseplay and Harmony trick clinic! Caylyn is patient, informative and creative with her teaching. She is insightful and adjusts her techniques to fit each individual horse. The tricks are lots of fun both for the people and

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Amanda, United Kingdom

“Having tried several trainers, I was on the verge of replacing my gelding. He would become defensive and refuse to go forward, start spinning, backing, or bucking at the lope. Other trainers had tried to “ride the buck” out of him. This only made him

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Kelley, Idaho, USA

“Thank you for all you do for horses and their humans, and all you generously share through Facebook. I’ve learned a ton via your free offerings (writings and video clips) and taking your Reading The Horse online horsemanship course. I really look forward to working

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Theresa, California, USA

“I have worked with a lot of trainers but once I audited one of Samantha’s classes I was hooked. It was and continues to be the best training for me and my horse. So blessed to have found her.”

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Betsy, Massachusetts, USA

“Your talks are inspirational, practical, and instructive. I can imagine as you describe — and want to raise my game.” Connect With Your Horse Today All Levels The Conversation by Samantha Harvey In Horse Behavior Horse Communication Horsemanship New Horse Pressure and Release Useful Young

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Marilyn, Washington, USA

“Thought I should tell you, though, how often I use the tools you give us.  Feeding, leading, loading, riding, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’m far more aware of what my horses are feeling and thinking, which (as you obviously know!) leads to better

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Sarah, Washington, USA

“Thank you for this mindfulness webinar. I wish I could have been there live but appreciate the options to watch later. We are new horse owners and I have been taking things slow with my interactions but also don’t want to do anything wrong, haha.

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My untrained pony loads in 10 minutes after 16 years of not seeing a trailer!! Huge shout out to Caylyn Walker of Horseplay and Harmony for all you have taught me about horses! Thanks to you Caylyn my pony is off to a loving home

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Norma, USA

“I’m so happy to find Caylyn Walker. I’m a self taught trick trainer. I taught my Friesian, Magnum, many tricks years ago and am now working with my new Pinto, Zorro. I’m appreciating learning more efficient methods and look forward to learning how to teach

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Peggy, California, USA

“The first video of the Mindful Horsemanship Significance Series is rich in information. I am glad I get to review it and will listen next time taking notes. Just finished the second video, again, enjoyed today’s session very much.” Connect With Your Horse Today

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Kim, Arizona, USA

“I feel that she has really opened my eyes and given me a brand new and exciting way of RIDING my horse. I have competed for the last 15 years or so and with some nice success but, I realize I only rode to compete

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Vanessa, Florida, USA

“I think of Sam as a gifted translator between horses and humans. She’s able to show you what your horse is thinking through their carriage, breathing, and behavior. What I have learned from Sam is that the physical follows the mental which is very eye-opening

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