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Note from Juli:
❤️  Imagine your horse comes running across the pasture, waiting patiently at the gate for you.  You work together in sync, they seems to know your thoughts understanding even the most subtle cues. Your riding has improved with this new found connection and you’re having so much fun teaching them tricks you never thought possible.  You feel confident in your training, like you have all the answers at your fingertips. Your bond is growing by the day and you finally seem to understand each other.
How is this possible?  The answer is Liberty training.  And the answers truly are at your fingertips.  You finally found what you’ve been looking for all this time!  At Horse Liberty Training, we provide the tools and training to allow you to build this relationship… allowing you round the clock access to learn when you want, where you want, at your own pace. 
What is liberty training? I’m so glad you asked! Liberty Training involves building a trust and connection with your horse so that he or she WANTS to listen to you. Liberty Training allows you to communicate using stress free and force free methods. It is incredibly powerful to experience and will take you on a journey that will improve your riding and relationship like no other.
Gain the connection and relationship you’ve always wanted, and never knew how to attain.  We now have over 64 liberty instructors from all around the world, and a community that is growing every single day reaching from the USA to Australia to Canada to South America to Europe and more. I am so proud and honored to be a part of this community. I personally learn more every single day from the amazing people around me. 
Begin today and we will walk side by side with you all along the way through our supportive liberty community. You’ll gain knowledge and tools along with an entire liberty family to cheer you on!
See you inside!

Juli Baranik

CEO and Founder of HorseLibertyTraining.com



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Kim, Arizona, USA

“I feel that she has really opened my eyes and given me a brand new and exciting way of RIDING my horse. I have competed for the last 15 years or so and with some nice success but, I realize I only rode to compete

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Cassandra, California, USA

“I have been riding and owning horses since I was 7 yrs old starting in 1976. I did most of the horse training myself learning via books and at various clinic lessons. Until I had some traumatic horse accidents these past five years I realized,

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Norma, USA

“I’m so happy to find Caylyn Walker. I’m a self taught trick trainer. I taught my Friesian, Magnum, many tricks years ago and am now working with my new Pinto, Zorro. I’m appreciating learning more efficient methods and look forward to learning how to teach

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Wondering what your horse is trying to tell you?
Who better to ask than your horse! 🐴
No really, 😁 I’m not kidding… 
Have a “chat” with your horse in this quick and easy quiz, and find out how far you’ve progressed in your training and what areas you should work on next.



We are so proud of our talented instructors from around the world, and love their diverse background, training, and experience that they bring to your courses.  

Introducing our latest featured instructor…

Caylyn Walker

Caylyn Walker has been an active equine enthusiast and animal-lover since her toddler days. She began riding lessons at a young age and then continued into a competitive riding career where she achieved multiple regional and national titles in various disciplines. In 2012 she also

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