What is your horse trying to tell you

Wondering how you can improve your connection with your horse?

Who better to ask than your horse!

No, we’re not kidding…

Have a “chat” with your horse, and find out how far you’ve progressed and what areas you should work on next.

You’ll see 5 messages from your horse.

Simply choose a message to send back for each and you’ll find out where the two of you stand.

Find Out How...


Gain Deeper Connection

Discover how to have your horse WANT to spend time with you so your time together is force-free, stress-free, and just “clicks.”


Improve Your Riding

Find out how to get in sync with your horse, gain clearer communication so you understand each other, and truly enjoy your horse again.


Advance Your Training

Take your training to the next level and improve your confidence knowing exactly what to do next step-by-step.

Love this quiz!!!

"I can totally see my horse saying these things to me... and it gave me some good direction on how to improve my riding and what to work on next. I have taken this a few times and am definitely seeing improvement. Makes me giggle every time..."

Liana Marie


Chat With My Horse

Gain insight into what you should work on next with your horse

Price: FREE

3 Reasons to take the quiz

Reason #1: Know EXACTLY What To Do Next

Find out what will best help connect you and your horse based on where you both are today.

Reason #2: See Your Progress

Take this quiz over and over to have a fun chat with your horse. See your score each time to watch yourself progress. Chances are you'll get a different conversation each time.

Reason #3: It's Fun!

Ok, who doesn't like a chuckle... the thought of your horse texting you is fun enough, but your horse has a sense of humor and we like to make you smile!

Begin Your Quiz

Find out what your horse is telling you so that you know exactly what steps to take in order to develop a more solid and confident relationship to ultimately improve your riding and have fun again! 

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