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Horseplay & Harmony – The Fundamentals: Part 1 of 3

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About Course

This is your starting point on a lifelong journey of being a Professional Horseplayer!

In this course, you will learn all about horseplay, including teaching your horse to hug, the smile, the look away, the laydown, standing quietly, and all about food pushiness and moving off of pressure.  This course is offered in three parts that will continue to build on each other.  Parts one and two are pre-requisites for all of our more advanced courses.

This is a comprehensive course that includes a printable course workbook, printable step-by-step instructions as well as full videos.  These videos explain the tricks, help troubleshooting typical problems, and thoroughly explains what to expect when trick training your horse.

Horseplay and Harmony fully believes in stress-free, force-free training methods.  We use positive reinforcement and behavioral shaping techniques to communicate and strengthen the bond with our horses.

Learn more about Caylyn Walker and check out her courses.


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What Will You Learn?

  • You’ll find out a simple trick for your horse to help put on his own halter.
  • You’ll discover the most important safety practices while training your horse.
  • You’ll learn the importance of cues to speed up your training and get the tricks on demand.
  • You’ll uncover benefits of trick training and ways for trick training to improve your overall relationship with your horse.

Course Content

Introduction and Welcome to The Fundamentals
Welcome Fellow Horseplayer! In this first section, we will introduce you to your instructor Caylyn Walker and explain the neat perks of becoming a Horseplayer! From Horsebucks, to Horseplayer Levels and Medallions, many surprises await!

  • Welcome!
  • Caylyn Walker – Your Instructor
  • Resources
  • Horseplay and Harmony Store
  • Horseplay Horsebucks Explained!
  • Horseplayer Levels and Medallions
  • Horseplay Video Submission and Help
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Horseplay and Harmony Academy Equine Liability Disclaimer

Knowing how to halter is fundamental in owning a horse, but do you know how to properly fit a halter or why one might choose a rope halter over another type? These answers and more can be found in this section! We will also go through teaching your horse how to self-halter!

Safety is fundamental to becoming a Horseplayer! We must consider the safety of ourselves, the horse, and those around us at all times when working with our horses. We will cover a number of safety concepts in this section.

LOLA – An Important Term to Know
In this section, you will learn about LOLA, an acronym I use to remember key concepts of being successful while trick training my horses.

Why Trick Horse Train?
In this section, we will discuss the vast benefits of trick horse training and why we might be interested in training different horses to perform them.

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1 year ago
It was a great course - informative and helpful. I can't wait to get started with a halter that fits properly for the self-haltering trick! Thank you
1 year ago
This was a very informative and easy to follow course.
1 year ago
good steps to start us off
1 year ago
thank you, yes. I look forward to the next steps.
2 years ago
very good and informative content to help people new to behavioral-based training set realistic expectations and keep things safe!
2 years ago
very informative and yes I want to push ahead but will read to understand first
Julietta St John
3 years ago
Very exciting so far
3 years ago
I liked the course and the way Caylyn explained each step was very understandable for me.
3 years ago
I found this module interesting and I learnt that my boys already self halter so I was very happy.
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