Learn how to build connection with your horse

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This course will introduce you to the psychology of connecting with your horse, why it is important and some exercises to build connection on the ground. Once you understand the principle of connection, you can develop your own techniques that you can also implement in the saddle. Because adrenaline directly impacts connection, we will introduce you to some concepts that will help you to understand adrenaline, how it affects the horse’s mind and how to help them overcome high adrenaline levels. We want to help you understand your horse on a deeper level so that YOU feel confident to support them when they need your help.

WELL DONE for taking the first step to building your partnership with your horse.

See you in class!

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What Will You Learn?

  • understand the importance of building connection with the horse
  • how connection builds trust between horse and human
  • how to recognize connection in the horse's body language
  • how to recognize adrenaline and manage it in the horse
  • a deeper understanding of horse psychology

Course Content

4 essential keys for building a partnership
This lesson covers the 4 essential keys for building a partnership. It teaches you the fundamental elements of what creates a successful partnership, why they are essential and how they impact a relationship if they are not present.

  • 4 essential keys to partnership

What is connection?
This lesson briefly explains what connection is mentally and physically.

Why is connection important?
This lesson teaches you why connection is important to the horse and what it means to the horse.

What does connection look like?
This lesson teaches you what connection looks like in the horse's body language and what to look for.

Understanding the emotional horse
This lesson introduces you to a concept that explains adrenaline. What adrenaline is, what it looks like when a horse is affected by it and what you can do to help your horse when they are affected by it.

Demonstration time!
This lesson will demonstrate how to build connection in a horse.

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