Reading Horse Body Language: Online Horse Behavior Course

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About Course

7 Horses 7 Days 17-Minutes Videos

Who: All horse folks wanting to learn to recognize and read horse body language and behavior in order to learn how to work towards creating a respectful and fulfilling equine partnership.

Why should I take this course? Many horse enthusiasts truly want the best for their horses. As with everything, there can be a steep learning curve, irrelevant of how many years that you have been around horses. Every horse has something new to teach us. As a client of mine once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Ask yourself the following questions- Do you:
Struggle with the “same” issue(s) with your horse?
Feel overwhelmed by your horse’s behavior?
Want to help your horse become more confident?
Feel like your training has reached a plateau?
Experience your horse resisting your requests?
Feel like your horse ignores your communication?
Have a horse that is a “hard” keeper?
Have a horse that has “issues” with every day handling such as with the farrier, vet, trailer loading, catching, tacking, mounting, riding out, or?
Have a horse that is really great, except for _____?

What: Seven Horses of various breeds, training, and ages will be used as demonstrations in a variety of video examples to display how the animal’s thoughts and emotions are reflected in their physical behaviors. This helps diminish the “surprise” factor when working with the horse, and humans learn how to read, address and diffuse the root cause rather than the symptom of defensive, dangerous, disengaged, desensitized (mentally shut-down,) or distracted horses.

“Reading the Horse” Course Schedule videos

Day 1 Poco: Pain in the Horse

Day 2 Montana: The Young Horse

Day 3 Sally: Reactive vs. Thoughtful Horse

Day 4 Pardner: Mindful Daily Activities

Day 5 Chinook: Quality Basic Interactions

Day 6 Whitney: Re-Engaging the Experienced Horse

Day 7 Rey: Replacing Fear with Curiosity

My goal is to help explain to you the horse’s initial thoughts and behaviors, and then how the human interactions influence the mental, emotional and physical changes in the horse. This is what I call the Conversation. Without the ability to have one with the horse, many moments can feel overwhelming, surprising, and frustrating.

After registering you will receive the Course Intro Video to confirm you are able to view it without issue.  Then you will receive ONE daily video link in an email for the next SEVEN days. In each of the 17-minute videos, Sam offers thought-provoking voiceover teaching, explaining, and explains what to look for in the horse’s behavior, and what it means, to help you better understand, address, and support the horse in a variety of situations.

I have years of horse experience, can this really help me? Yes. I find helping people learn to slow down and put value to the seemingly insignificant behaviors can improve their horsemanship despite how much experience they may have.

I’m new to horses, will this course help me? Yes! This can help you build a great foundation in your understanding of horses and help you avoid many of the common “newbie” challenges that people experience because of their limited exposure to horses.

I have never done “ground work” before, can this help me? Yes! This isn’t about a training style, but rather an empathetic approach in learning to recognize there is value in all that horse body language conveys through physical behaviors. This will help you understand why the horse is acting as he is.

Learn more about Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Raise your understanding of horse behavior, clarify your horse communication, refine your intentions during your interactions with the horse.

About the instructor

Samantha Harvey
Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey Bio Sam developed her Alternative Horsemanship training approach over the past three decades of working within various facets of the equine industry. She starts colts, rehabilitates "difficult" horses, and finishes horses for both the show arena and pleasure riding. She works with both competitive and pleasure riders of all levels and backgrounds, horses of a variety of breeds, ages, and disciplines at both a local and national level throughout the USA. She has lectured, presented, and offered demos at equine symposiums and expos. Sam has taught horsemanship and equine behavior to pre-veterinary students. She has been a featured speaker on nationally syndicated radio programs. Samantha Harvey regularly posts to her award-winning blog, which has been recognized as a top 75 blog in the equestrian community worldwide. She is also a regular contributor to equine publications and has contributed to several published horsemanship books. Samantha Harvey offers Horsemanship and a variety of other discipline-specific clinics worldwide and spends time working abroad with horses in South America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and most recently in Asia. Her innovative teaching style shared in her Remote Horse Coaching programs, empower students to evolve into confident, pro-active horse enthusiasts. Equestrian students learn how to interpret horse behavior and improve communication with their horses. She teaches students practical and realistic skillsets to recognize and evolve their mental approach, notice their patterns and habits that are limiting them from achieving their full potential. She helps riding students set, implement, and achieve realistic goals while building an empowering equine partnership.

Course Curriculum

Day 1: Pain in Horses

  • Day 1: Pain in Horses

Day 2: The Young Horse

  • Day 2: The Young Horse

Day 3: The Reactive vs. Thoughtful Horse

  • Day 3: The Reactive vs. Thoughtful Horse

Day 4: Mindful Daily Activities

  • Day 4: Mindful Daily Activities

Day 5: Quality Basic Interactions

  • Day 5: Quality Basic Interactions

Day 6: Re-Engaging the Experienced Horse

  • Day 6: Re-Engaging the Experienced Horse

Day 7: Replacing Fear with Curiosity

  • Day 7: Replacing Fear with Curiosity

Final Thoughts

  • Thank you for joining me!
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