The day it all went wrong...

It was a beautiful fall day and I could not WAIT to take my horse, Revival, out for a trail ride. I rushed to the barn, soaking in the crisp air as I groomed him, tacked him up & off we were!

Heading out on trails, I felt peaceful and calm, reveling in the beauty around me. We wound through the trails, over hills, through the woods and rounded the last bend in the trails to a clearing.

As we trotted across field, suddenly a huge vulture dove out of the tree scaring the life out of Revival. He bolted sideways, and I did not, feeling a crunch and shooting pain as I landed on my ankle. Revival took off heading back to the safety of the barn, leaving me alone and trying to not pass out from the pain.

Luckily, some friends at the barn saw my horse returning without me and drove out to pick me up, still down in the field.

Flash forward past the visit to the ER, the Ironman boot on my leg, months of healing, I was left with… fear and a whole lot of work ahead of me to regain my stable seat and confidence.

I didn’t know where to turn and felt very stuck.

Have you ever been there before?

Well, my foot healed, but my skills, confidence, and stability in the saddle did not.

To regain these skills, you may have been told to:

  • Take your horse to an expensive trainer
  • Pour through countless books and videos
  • Give it time.

But that’s not true.

With a really simple strategy and step-by-step video lessons, you can get get the help you need and feel the confidence you crave!

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Wouldn’t it be incredible to have an expert instructor teach you the keys to avoid a situation like this and rebound from bruised confidence?

Wouldn’t it be even better if you could do this in your own arena, pasture, or barn?

Imagine riding your horse with confidence, in sync with his every move.


Say hello to...

Speaking the Horse Language: Mastering Your Energy

A step-by-step solution for any level rider who craves to be in sync with their horse, in communication, energy, and in movement.

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Inside you’ll discover how to…

  • Read your horse and his body language
  • Gain awareness of your own nervousness
  • Get out your own head
  • Work with a spooky horse confidently
  • Improve your seat with a “sticky butt”
  • Control your horses speed without the reins
  • Master your body language and energy
  • Rebuild your confidence

We’ll Cover:

  • What tools you’ll need
  • How your energy influences your horse
  • How to teach your horse to respect your space & “bubble”
  • Practical games to gain the respect of your horse
  • Techniques to have a “sticky butt”
  • How to lunge for success
  • Discovering how to control your horse with “Air Brakes”

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Finally, a course that teaches you exactly how to get in sync with your horse, improve your stability, and communicate clearly with your horse… even if you’ve tried every book and video out there and nothing has worked!

Don’t let the timer get to 0…

This course is for you if…

  • You’re an equestrian who craves more confidence in and out of the saddle
  • You’re looking for easy to follow steps and personalized support
  • You’re ready to do the work it takes to get the results you desire

This course is NOT for you if…

  • You’re not willing to take action
  • You’re hoping for a magic pill and a quick solution
  • You want someone else to do the work for you

Still on the fence?

It’s not the $97 that’s stopping you from joining me inside “Speaking the Horse Language”…

It’s the worry that you might not be able to regain your confidence with your riding.

I want to chat to you honestly about that feeling of fear because I’ve felt that too.

When I finally had healed enough to begin riding again, I spent hours trying to get everything in order before I began. In fact, for the first 6 months I focused so intently on not getting hurt again that I watched others wizz by me.  I told myself…

  • I wasn’t expert enough
  • I didn’t have enough time
  • I just needed a little more confidence

When I had all those things, then I’d begin riding again. But waiting for the stars to align didn’t move my riding forward or build my confidence. When I decided that my fear was just a state of mind and I flipped it around.

That’s when the magic happened.

So if you’re sitting here now, waiting for the right time. Let this be your permission slip to go for it and make your dreams a reality.

And, I’ll be here to help you inside “Speaking the Horse Language.”

Are you game?

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