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Discover how to train your horse to do tricks at liberty and gain a very special bond! Let’s talk through your goals and I’ll help you create a FREE training plan to best reach your goals in the next 30 days.

Feel Confident and Have Fun Trick Training Your Horse in 30 Days or Less

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Frequently Asked Questions

Liberty Training builds a trust and connection with your horse so that he or she WANTS to listen to you.

Liberty Training allows you to communicate using stress free and force free methods. It is incredibly powerful to experience and will take you on a journey that will improve your riding and relationship like no other.

Trick training is a ridiculously fun way to build your relationship with your horse while engaging your horse’s mind and body.

It involves training your horse to play, to do specific actions and tricks on cue, and reward your horse as he or she learns and tries.

Teaching your horse some simple tricks can bring so many benefits to both of you.

❤️ challenge your horse’s mind and make him use his brain
❤️ build a fun and positive connection between you and your horse
❤️ build confidence in your horse
❤️ connect with your horse and learn to communicate from the ground through body language
❤️ learn positive reinforcement
❤️ HAVE FUN and relax together because Horses are so much more than riding
❤️ teach your horse to understand exactly what you’re asking him to do

If you build a bond with your horse through trust and communication, they will do just about anything for you.

We provide easy to follow step-by-step lessons for you to teach your horse these tricks and so much more:

🥕 The Hug
🥕 Smile
🥕 Clicker Training
🥕 Good Food Manners
🥕 Backing Up
🥕 Sitting
🥕 Laydown
🥕 Kiss
🥕 Yes/No
🥕 Nose to target
🥕 Advanced sit down
🥕 Stand and turning on a pedestal
🥕 Move off pressure
🥕 Lunging your horse with out lunge line
🥕 Two legged bow
🥕 One Knee Bow

You do not need any previous experience to trick train your horse with our step-by-step plan. 

We provide all of the training that you will need to trick train your horse at liberty!

You don’t need any specific equipment to begin trick training your horse.  Simply, a willing attitude to learn, and our easy to follow training plan.  Begin your trick training journey today and we will provide very simple to follow step-by-step lessons, mentorship, and all the tools that you need!

All of our training is online for you to do at your convenience directly with your horse.  We also provide one-on-one mentorship with a live success coach so you have all the help and support that you need throughout your liberty training.

Absolutely!  We take great pride in our happy customers and can’t wait to hear YOUR success story!  Check out our hall of fame for testimonials and videos that our customers love to share.

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