Horseplay & Harmony The Cornerstones Part 4 of 4 (All About Bowing)

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About Course

Welcome to Part 4 of the Cornerstones bundle!  In this module, you will learn all about bowing!  We will teach the bow in stages using ‘micro tricks’ that build towards the finished one leg bow.  We will start with the Tummy Tuck, next teach Nose to Chest, then progress to the Two-legged bow and finally the One Knee Bow using 100% force-free methods!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Set your horse up for success using micro-tricks to each the bow.
  • Test your horse’s top line using the Tummy Tuck trick
  • The Tummy Tuck also helps strengthen the top line further
  • Teach the Nose to Chest to see how flexible your horse is through the neck
  • The Two-Legged Bow teaches the horse how to properly stretch down and backward, which will be required in the one-knee bow
  • The One-Knee Bow will come much more naturally after mastering the Two-Legged bow
  • Build balance and trust with your horse by teaching the One-Knee Bow
  • Learn to troubleshoot and issues with the bow
  • And learn more advanced techniques with the bow
  • All with 100% force-free methods!

About the instructors

Caylyn Walker
Caylyn Walker has been an active equine enthusiast and animal-lover since her toddler days. She began riding lessons at a young age and then continued into a competitive riding career where she achieved multiple regional and national titles in various disciplines. In 2012 she also earned two World Championship titles in Morgan Dressage on her beloved Morgan gelding “Riley”. Caylyn’s love of trick training started when her first horse was injured and no longer able to work under saddle. She found alternative ways to keep her horse mentally active while continuing to build the partnership they had created. From horses, Caylyn expanded her horizon to trick training goats, chickens and even Zebu cows while she worked at a petting zoo during her high school years. While in school, she completed a Bachelor of Science with a particular focus on animal behavior and psychology. She continued to develop her methodologies in working with animals experimenting with body language and behavioral shaping through positive reinforcement methods. After completing her degree, she moved into a career as a Safety Manager where she developed her teaching and communication techniques to groups of people across Canada. Currently, Caylyn works full time on her farm in Jasper, ON breeding and training foundation Morgan horses. She offers clinics across Canada and does performances with her trick horses in Ontario. Caylyn has authored three books: Horseplay and Harmony Safe and Responsible Trick Horse Training, Foals With Goals and Liberty Work and Trick Training With Young Horses. Though she loves working with all horses Caylyn is passionate about working with foals and young horses at an early age. Giving them a sense of confidence using positive reinforcement techniques sets them up for a lifetime of success! Caylyn continues to offer trick horse training lessons, clinics and demonstrations and even offers trick trained horses for sale occasionally! She can be contacted through their website

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction

Tummy Tuck

  • Teaching The Tummy Tuck
  • Teaching The Tummy Tuck Quiz

Nose to Chest

  • Teaching Nose to Chest
  • Teaching Nose To Chest

Two-Legged Bow

  • Teaching The Two-Legged Bow
  • Two-Legged Bow Quiz

Teaching the One Knee Bow

  • Teaching The One Knee Bow
  • Trouble-Shooting the Bow
  • Advancing the One Knee Bow
  • Teaching the One Knee Bow

Course Wrap Up

  • Course Recap
  • Cornerstones Final Exam Prep
  • Bowing Final Exam
  • Video Submission/Horseplayer Level
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